Poet & Artist, Sunni Patterson, Releases New Pan-African Music “Ancestor Song” (@SUNNIPATTERSON)

sunni pattersonA few days ago, American poet Sunni Patterson, who is also known for her musical skills, shared a new song entitled Ancestor Song.

This is how she described the track:
“Patterned after the hymn, Precious Lord, Ancestor Song pays homage first, to my own personal Ancestors, then to the collective Ancestors that guide, protect, and support our lives. I wanted this track to be as organic as possible, using what was around me…my hands, my ring tapping the mic stand, a spoon and bowl, an orange juice bottle, etc. I knew I needed my god sister, Jew-el, to bless the piece with her magnificent voice, and my dear Baba Egunwale’s prayer (that he just left on my voicemail. lol. Ha! Blessings all around!) to enhance it, as well. I actually recorded this over a year or so ago, and still this isn’t the “final” version, but I was compelled to share it- as it is.”

Click here to listen and download Ancestor Song.

New Marcus Garvey Documentary – With Never Seen Before Info – Seeks Investors

Marcus GarveyA Jamaican based elder from the Rastafari community, who had connections to Marcus Garvey, is now ready to share some never seen before material about the black icon. The elder has information, as well as physical items, that will provide additional insight into the mind of Garvey.

He believes the most appropriate way to share the content is in a documentary, and as such, he is seeking serious investors to partner with.

For additional information about this project, persons are being asked to contact Maria Jackson via email at info@mjent.net



In Service to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie for over 45 years proven by the fact that all her 4 birth youths were born to a Rasta Mother.
Born in Jamaica and growing in the UK since she was 10 years old, Mama Askale began her working career as a Music Publisher at VIRGIN RECORDS with Richard Branson. Here as the 1st Black employee, she was promoted to Publishing and Promotions Manager and instrumental in the establishment of The FRONTLINE Label, which produced a range of Jamaican Artistes and Producers. This brought Mama Askale in the frontline of Radio & Media Promotions in the UK (1972-1974).

As soon as Bob Marley met Mama Askale in a discussion on Publishing Rights, he invited her to Jamaica, to TUFF GONG to establish Bob Marley Music in Jamaica. Rastafari calling took a major role and accepting this invitation began a journey in Rastafari by moving to the Hills of Jamaica and working with Bob Marley at Tuff Gong until he transcended in 1981. Then travelling throughout the Caribbean Islands promoting TUFF GONG MUSIC.

As Bob Marley used to tell anyone who challenged my work, “she nuh work for Tuff Gong unuh, she work for JAH.” This is Mama Askale, working for JAH, journeying to share and spread HIM message of Love and Unity. From Jamaica and The Caribbean, to the USA establishing the Press and Publicity Dept. for RAS RECORDS (1982-1988).

The Call for Repatriation brought Mama Askale and Family back to the UK, where she re-trained as Social worker and later gaining an essential Degree in Education,” in order to monitor her children’s Education ina Babylon.” The next 2 decades were focussed on Education and travel inside Europe. In Educating the World Community, to Empower the Nation of Rastafari, Mama Askale established strong Media and PR Links worldwide. Travelling to establish the Mission of The EMPRESS MENEN FOUNDATION became a natural duty from His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie Mama will testify. Jah honoured her to travel in HIM Footsteps and meet HIM Creations.”

The Elders of Rastafari ARE the fulfilment of The Creed, according to Mama. The ANCIENTS be Fed: The ANCIENTS be clothed: The ANCIENTS be nourished: The ANCIENTS be PROTECTED and CARED FOR. Duty before they leave I and I.”

In Europe, Directors of The EMF were to be found in France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, UK, Croatia, Finland and Denmark (when Ras Chiozo was present). The Annual EMF Ethiopian Calendar became the vehicle for the Promotion of RASTAFARI WORLDWIDE. This continues as Mama, Empress Askale Selassie returned to the Roots, The Motherland AETHIOPIA, where the mission to Educate the Ethiopian Community has become crucial as most Ethiopians have no knowledge of their great King and Emperor as DIVINE. Mama Askale has a solution. Education. Never ceasing to educate, she has now produced the 2nd Editon of the All Amharic RASWORLD Calendar for Ethiopians at Home and Abroad.
Mama Askale, is eager to SHARE and is honoured by The Promoter and Organiser of The Aarhus Reggae Festival in Denmark to come and share her experiences and indeed Ethiopian Souvenirs and much more with Reggae Lovers from a solid and welcoming Source.

Askale Selassie: Facebook
See the works unfold on Youtube

In Honor of Black History Month we are highlighting Patrice Lumumba – Civil Servant, Prime Minister, Activist (1925–1961)

patrice-lumumba-1925-1961-first-prime-everettPatrice Lumumba was the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, calling for national unity and overall African independence.

Born on July 2, 1925, in Onalua, Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Patrice Lumumba was a writer and civic organizer before co-founding the Congolese National Movement. He became the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo with the country’s independence; yet massive unrest followed with other leaders’ uprisings, along with U.S. and Belgian involvement. Lumumba was killed on January 17, 1961.

Background and Early Career
Future Prime Minister Patrice Émery Lumumba was born Élias Okit’Asombo on July 2, 1925, in the Kasai province of Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), in the village of Onalua. He was able to hone his love for literature and learning while attending missionary school and borrowing books to read.

After some travels within his country and acquiring different languages, Lumumba became a postal service clerk during the mid-1940s in what is now Kinshasa, later working as an accountant in another region. He also wrote poems and essays for publication, earning acclaim, and became increasingly involved in political movements, keeping in mind the oppression endured by Africans from the Belgian colonial system.

After having established himself as a leader in organizing unions, Lumumba co-established the Congolese National Movement in 1958. He called for countrywide unity, bringing together different ethnic backgrounds, and freedom from colonial atrocities, with major links to Pan-Africanist movements as well.

Becomes Prime Minister
On June 30, 1960, the Democratic Republic of Congo officially took its independence from Belgium, and, at 35 years old, Lumumba became the country’s first prime minister. However, nationwide disarray was to follow with various leaders vying for power, including a Belgian-fortified secession of the region of Katanga, headed by Moise Tshombe.

Lumumba called for United Nations aid to no avail and turned to the Soviet Union for military intervention, with the Congo thus caught in Cold War politics and Lumumba perceived by the U.S. as having communist ties. Years later it was revealed that a C.I.A. operative in the field during the Eisenhower administration was instructed to poison Lumumba; the agent recounted in a 2008 New York Times article he secretly chose not to do so, though some accounts clash with this.

Death and Legacy
With the country falling under the control of military leader Joseph Mobutu, Lumumba was captured and, though at one point escaping, was eventually taken to Katanga, where he was beaten and killed on January 17, 1961. His death ignited international outrage and years later continues to provoke dialogue on foreign investment in creating the turmoil seen after his rise to power and African independence in general. Congo soon endured the decades-long, highly-damaging reign of Joseph Mobutu, who would become known as Mobutu Sésé Seko.

Lumumba, his story and vision have been chronicled in a number of literary works and films, including the 2001 book The Assassination of Lumumba, by Ludo De Whitte, and the Raoul Peck movie released the same year, Lumumba. Peck had also directed a documentary on the leader.

Source: Biography.com

Jamaica Flag Flown Half-Mast Today In Tribute To Fidel Castro

Fidel Jamaica.pngThe Jamaican flag will fly at half-mast today (Dec. 2nd), on all government offices and national buildings as a tribute to the late former President of the Republic of Cuban Fidel Castro Ruz who died on Friday, November 25.

Jamaica will join the rest of Caricom in the symbolic gesture of condolence to mark Mr. Castro’s passing and mourn with the people of Cuba.

Prime Minister Holness expressed condolences to the people of Cuba and Mr. Castro’s family as he led a Jamaican delegation on Tuesday, November 29 to attend the official private mass for the former President in Havana, Cuba.

The Prime Minister said Mr. Castro was an outstanding leader who though coming from a Caribbean island developing state, has had the greatest impact on world history. He added that Castro will be remembered for his passionate speeches in defence of the right to self-determination.

Cuba is observing a period of national mourning which will end on December 4.

Jamaica and Cuba have strong bilateral relations particularly in the areas of education and health.

Artists react to the recent killing of 2 unarmed Black men in America

Article by Maria Jackson


Terrence Crutcher (left) Keith Scott (right)

On Friday, September 16th, 2016, 40 year old Terrence Crutcher was killed by police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was not armed nor was he breaking the law, he was simply standing next to his car which had stalled on the road. Terrence was a father, a husband, a churchgoing man and a college student; however, all the police officers saw was a “bad dude” – this is how they described him before they tasered and shot him.

A couple days later, in Charlotte, North Carolina, another unarmed Black man, Keith Lamont Scott was apparently sitting in his car with a book when police officers approached him, asked him to get out and shot him.

Both killings have gotten a lot of angry reaction from the public, this ofcourse includes members of the music industry. Via their social media, several artists gave their opinion.

Jamaican soul singer Etana tweeted: “I believe the shooting of innocent sun people is to drive fear into the hearts of the wiser younger ones.”

Hip-hop artist T.I. tweeted: “America continues to remind US this ain’t OUR country. It’s Theirs & they ain’t sharing it! Therefore. It’s #USorELSE #RIPTerenceCrutcher

2Chainz shared a picture of Terrence Clutcher and the officer that fired the shot that killed him and captioned it: “Looks like a bad dude and now he is dead based off his looks rest in peace brother

The fourth annual Caribbean Healthy Families and Fathers Conference 2016 will be held in Kingston on June 21st and 22nd

African father helping son with homework

Fathers & Families Coalition of America, a United States-based nonprofit organization is preparing for its fourth annual Caribbean Healthy Families and Fathers Conference 2016 in Kingston. The two-day event will be held on June 21st and 22nd.

The motive of this conference is to reemphasize the purpose of ‘Fatherhood’ and improve the relationship fathers have with their children. This being due to the absence of the traditional family unit that not many children are able to experience within the Caribbean. This event will deliver empowering and uplifting programs that can teach persons how to successfully execute their role as not only a father but as a role model. These are factors that will help with a child’s self-esteem and also give them a sense of purpose and belonging.

Jamaica holds generations and generations of absent fathers; which unfortunately has formed a stigma of being acceptable. This crucial dilemma is extremely overlooked and this conference will be able to make a difference. The growing trend throughout all the Caribbean of homes with children under 18 raised by mothers alone is a contributor of poverty, increased juvenile incarceration (and adults in prison), children in orphanages and child welfare-systems, low educational and vocational attainment of young adults (18-26), increased teen pregnancy and reduced long-term financial positive growth for Jamaica and other Caribbean sister nations. Dr. Roger Ball, Fordham University (native of Jamaica), Mr. Sheldon Smith, Loma Linda University (native of Jamaica), Professor Edwin Gonzalez Santin, Arizona State University (native of Puerto Rico) and other Caribbean rooted presenters as well as from the United States will provide training for parents and professionals over the 2-days…”This conference will help us bring services to children who have voids in their lives due to the absence of fathers,” said Dr. James C. Rodriguez. The President and CEO of the Fathers & Families Coalition of America and supporter of the Jamaica Affiliate points out that the gift of fatherhood is not often used to its full potential for children, families, and communities. Proceeds that will be collected from the Fathers & Families Coalition of America conference will go to benefit a local orphanage within Kingston and help to improve their conditions.

The prolific event will involve numerous workshops directed towards the development of the strong relationship that connects a father to their family. The topic of men being very quick to be fathers but not taking the roll as seriously is not heavily discussed here in Jamaica and has quite frankly continued to be the norm. This is an event that is very needed within this country and is a perfect opportunity for Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean to truly tap into all of what makes a father the key to a child’s development. Highlighting the attributes of being a provider, protector and supporter. The conference will be held at the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) at 17 Worthington Terrace, Kingston 5, Jamaica.

More information can be found by visiting

Online registration is currently available by logging onto www.123signup.com/register?id=phpbr All Jamaicans and residents of Caribbean nations can attend at 75% off the regular attendee fee… Promotional Code is Jamaica2016. Contact the organizers today for free entrance opportunities as this is an event based on intention, foundation, change and hope for the future of children and families! Interview opportunities with Dr. James C. Rodriguez, president and CEO of Fathers & Families Coalition of America, are limited.

Call now to book your press availability. Media Contact:
For Dr. James C. Rodriguez
c/o Ms. Lydia Brown-Grant
Event Planner/Social Entrepreneur/Mediator & Coach
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