Survey Shows Jamaicans Happy With The Way The Government Is Handling The Corona Virus On The Island (@AndrewHolnessJM)

andrew holness2Although Jamaica only has 13 confirmed cases of the corona virus it is clear that the government continues to ramp up their efforts to combat the spread. With that in mind, I went out on the streets in Kingston to see what people are saying about the way the Andrew Holness Administration is dealing with this pandemic.

Because of the restrictions on public gathering and the closure of some businesses I was only able to survey a few people; but everyone I spoke with, whether PNP or JLP, said that the government is doing a great job. Many have even said that it is being handled better here than in most “first world countries” like America, Italy, France etc.

For accurate information about the COVID19 in Jamaica persons should follow Jamaica House on Facebook and Andrew Holness on Twitter and Instagram. Our biggest enemy is misinformation.

Jamaica Flag Flown Half-Mast Today In Tribute To Fidel Castro

Fidel Jamaica.pngThe Jamaican flag will fly at half-mast today (Dec. 2nd), on all government offices and national buildings as a tribute to the late former President of the Republic of Cuban Fidel Castro Ruz who died on Friday, November 25.

Jamaica will join the rest of Caricom in the symbolic gesture of condolence to mark Mr. Castro’s passing and mourn with the people of Cuba.

Prime Minister Holness expressed condolences to the people of Cuba and Mr. Castro’s family as he led a Jamaican delegation on Tuesday, November 29 to attend the official private mass for the former President in Havana, Cuba.

The Prime Minister said Mr. Castro was an outstanding leader who though coming from a Caribbean island developing state, has had the greatest impact on world history. He added that Castro will be remembered for his passionate speeches in defence of the right to self-determination.

Cuba is observing a period of national mourning which will end on December 4.

Jamaica and Cuba have strong bilateral relations particularly in the areas of education and health.

Andrew Holness Ends Campaign With Heartfelt Letter [Must Read]

00-Andrew JALast night, Andrew Holness, leader of the opposition, ended his campaign with a heartfelt letter to his supporters. He wrote:


We have begun an incredible journey together. I have enjoyed the questions, advice, and comments about our vision. I am inspired by your commitment for a better Jamaica. I have no doubt that our best days are in front of us.

I know you can feel the change in the air. Yet, do not leave this election to chance because no matter how much we engage on Facebook, nothing matters unless you turn your comments, shares, and likes into votes. Do not let your voice be silenced by staying home. We cannot allow this journey toward a brighter future end tomorrow. This is our time to lead.

So, get up early, grab neighbours, and head to the polls. We have a lot of work to do together in our partnership for prosperity. I thank you for all your support and I humbly ask for your vote.


JLP Creates Website Explaining Its Ten Point Plan (@JLPJamaica)

HolnessVSshawIn an effort to ensure Jamaicans understand the 10 point plan, the Jamaica Labor Party, headed by Andrew Holness, has created a website geared at showing exactly how the plan works.

The web address is Persons are asked to visit the site before going to the polls tomorrow as it clearly explains how everyone earning 1.5M or less will benefit.

Audley Shaw Writes Letter to Electoral Comission of Jamaica Regarding Fake Electoral ID Cards (@JLPJamaica)

ecjlogoOpposition Spokesperson on Finance & Planning, Audley Shaw, wrote to the ECJ earlier regarding the manufacturing of fake Electoral ID Cards. The letter is as follows:

Hon. Dorothy Pine McLarty
Electoral Commission of Jamaica

Dear Mrs Pine Mclarty,

Re: Reports of Illegal Production and Distribution of Fake Identification Cards to persons for the purpose of Voter Impersonation.

I have received several disturbing reports of the existence of portable ID card making machines being used to make and distribute fake electoral ID cards, which are apparently to be used illegally by persons who will attempt to vote tomorrow in the name of dead and migrated people who are on the voters list.

You are aware of my often expressed concern both in parliament and in meetings with the ECJ, about the large number of names of dead and migrated persons on the voters list, while I have steadfastly maintained presents the increased potential for electoral fraud through voter impersonation.

I have been equally troubled and find it quite omnious that the Government has been silent on its failure to issue the necessary warrants for the budgeted expenditure to be made by the ECJ to clean up the voters list.

The silence of the Government on this matter, combined with the reports I have received of this illegal production and distribution of ID cards, leads me to place the ECJ and every well thinking Jamaican who wishes to protect our democracy, to be on high alert to ensure that voter impersonation with fake ID cards does not happen in tomorrows General Elections.

Accordingly, I now formally request that the ECJ and the Director of Elections immediately take immediate preventative actions to block any such egregious act at our polling stations tomorrow.

Specifically; steps should be taken to; (1) Instruct all Presiding Officers to look out for these fake cards and ensure strick adherence to the use of the black book for a positive identification of the elector and ensure that the person is not in fact an impersonator. (2) Ensure that the Presiding Officer give indoor agents full access to the black book to satisfy the agents of the positive identification of the elector. (3) Take steps to refer any such attempt at voter impersonation to the Police so that the perpretrator can be arrested for the commitment of an illegal act.

I have brought this matter to your attention as in the absence of a clean reverified voters list, all necessary steps must be taken by the ECJ to uphold the principle of free and fair elections.

Yours respectfully
Audley Shaw

cc. Mr. Orret Fisher
Director of Elections.

Andrew Holness Calls Last Night Shooting “An Attack On Democracy” (@AndrewHolnessJM @jlpjamaica)

00 - Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness

After what started out as a peaceful gathering of JLP supporters at Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay last night, the evening ended in tragedy as several shots were fired. The shooting began while the leader of the opposition was addressing the crowd. The rally ended prematurely and we are learning today that three persons were killed and seven injured. Andrew Holness responded with the following comment:

After what can only be described as an attack on our very democracy and our democratic process resulting in the death and injury of Jamaicans and the endangerment of thousands of others hungry for change, I woke up with a determination to rid Jamaica of crime and violence. I want to encourage Jamaicans not to be afraid, not to be intimidated, but to stand with us as we take back our country from criminals. Let us continue to forge ahead with our plans to create a prosperous, crime free Jamaica. #JoinusinaPartnershipforProsperity #JamaicaLabourParty