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Trinidad & Tobago 2015 Political Kaiso Monarch Competition

00-soca compRandy Glasgow Productions is sending out an invitation to all artists to participate in the 2015 Trinidad and Tobago Political Calypso Monarch Competition. The Super Prelims is scheduled for Saturday June 6 2015 at Arima Velodrome and the competition is open to any one.

Persons interested in participating should simply email their political song to rgpltd2002@yahoo.com. Competitors stand a chance of winning over $500,000. TTD in total prize money.

Political Calypso Monarch Competition 2015 Rules:

1. Competition is open to all citizens of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean nations.

2. All participants however, must be a standing financial member of Trinbago Unified Calypsonian Organisation (TUCO).

3. There is NO FEE Registration.

4. Appearance FEES will be paid from Semi-Final Round.

5. Competitors must submit choice of Political Song to gain selection for Preliminary Round by emailing – rgpltd2002@yahoo.com or dropping off material on CD Only @ #29 Warner St., Newtown, Woodbrook, by May 20th 2015.

6. No more than 35 singers will be selected to compete at Preliminary Round on Sat June 6th 2015.

7. Song could be a new Song or Song of any Year.

8. Use of any Obscence Words/Language, Libelous Statements, will lead to automatic disqualification and if Artiste is arrested by Police or other Law Enforcement Agencies, Artistes will not have the support of the Promoters and Sponsors.

9. The Judges decision are final.

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The Jamaica Tourist Board Expresses Interest In Partnering With The Organizers Of The Aarhus Reggae Festival

The Jamaica Tourist Board Expresses Interest In Partnering With The Organizers Of The Aarhus Reggae FestivalThe Jamaica Tourist Board is now in talks with the organizers of the Aarhus Reggae Festival as they are interested in partnering with them for the 2015 staging of the festival as well as future events. Both entities believe that as Danish people are allotted approximately six weeks of vacation time annually and are known to be the most travelled in Europe, this will be beneficial to the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB).

One of the main features of the Aarhus Reggae Festival will be highlighting and promoting all things Jamaica. There will be exhibition booths and a segment dedicated to encouraging Danes to visit Jamaica. The producers of the festival will also commit a section of the show to having someone from their team talk about visiting and investing in Jamaica. This will be done on stage on both days.

Maria Jackson Entertainment is the official media/marketing company for the Aarhus Reggae Festival. All media inquiries regarding this event should be directed to info@mjent.net


Letter to President Obama from Jamaica’s Rastafari Community

obamaGreetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie First. The Rastafari Community in Jamaica extend a very warm welcome to you and  your staff

It is our hope that during this visit you will experience the spirituality of this island  and you will be  suffused in  the light of  higher truth. Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley visionaries like yourself drank  from this spiritual  fountain, raised their consciousness to a higher level and helped to awaken  the  dormant hidden powers in the soul of men .We reiterate Welcome to the Shrine     RASTAFARI

Letter & Artwork by Trevor Witter 


Petition to save Jamaica’s land from China (@KabuMaatKheru @PSimpsonMiller)


China has petitioned the Government of Jamaica for parts of the whole of the 800 acre Roaring River Water Shed area in St. Ann (adjoining Dunns River) as payment on loans which the People of Jamaica had no say in!

These lands are sitting on one of Jamaica’s most important Limestone Plateaus and provide water for the Hydro Electric plant at Laughing Waters, Steer Town and Chalky Hill and other areas of St. Ann.

China aims to build on these lands (resort or China Town) and in so doing will upset the entire water system in the Rio Bueno Water Shed Management Unit! This will undoubtedly result in serious environmental problems for St. Ann and Jamaica and seriously disrupt the ability of the Government to provide adequate water supply to thousands of Jamaican citizens!

Sign Petition: https://www.change.org/p/the-government-of-jamaica-prime-minister-portia-simpson-miller-do-not-give-the-roaring-river-water-shed-to-china