Hezron Drops “Tik Tok I’m Coming” The 2nd Single From His “Man On A Mission” Album Due Out In March (@iamhezron @Tadsrecord)

On January 21, 2022, dynamic Jamaican singer/songwriter/musician Hezron released “Tik Tok I’m Coming,” the sensuous 2nd single from his much anticipated third album M.O.A.M. (MAN ON A MISSION), which comes to us courtesy of Tad’s Record. Ranked by Reggae industry insiders and his many fans as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his generation, Hezron brings heartfelt expression and gritty soulfulness to his songs, which addresses personal struggles, societal concerns and romantic situations. Hezron’s scorching vocals on “Tik Tok I’m Coming” evoke the gospel and blues drenched soul of the late iconic Otis Redding’s Stax Records’ sessions in Memphis, Tennessee.

In a statement about the song Hezron said: “Because I am a fan of the social media app TikTok, I thought, if I wrote something that has a current echo but with an old school feeling, it could probably work and “Tik Tok I’m Coming” gave me that vibes, it just connected perfectly.

He continued: “The “Tik Tok I’m Coming” video is edgy, but not too far out because I maintain certain morals, principles and stay within the lines of what is accepted on TV. In the social media era, music has become more visual and I wanted to strike a balance for the people who listen to music and the younger generation who look at it, so I decided to step out of the norm, because if you are too safe you might get lost.”

According to Tad Dawkins, the man behind Tad’s Record: “Hezron has grown so much since his first album, his voice, his writing, his image, he will become a force to be reckoned with in the near future because he has a sound and the soul to go with it. Hezron is at the edge right now, trying to pivot to a wider audience and propel his achievements to the next level. He has that fire in him and he is going to make it work because he is a man on a mission.”

Hezron cites Tad as “my number one supporter, he has believed in me from the very beginning. This is a man that has dedicated his life to keeping reggae culture alive in Jamaica, so we have joined forces to release M.O.A.M., which really is a mission to let the world know that there is still great reggae music and musicianship coming from Jamaica. This album was carefully crafted. It is a true reflection of who I am, and I am excited for my fans to hear it. I believe they will love it as much as I have enjoyed painstakingly selecting every chord. Each track, every instrument on this album was recorded live. “Tik Tok I’m Coming” is my sound, my experience but fundamentally it is Reggae, and it is music for the soul.”


Mix Reviews On Lutan Fyah’s New Video “Bad Girl, Good To Me”

A few days ago veteran reggae artist Lutan Fyah shared the official video for his latest single, Bad Girl, Good To Me. All his fans and supporters are loving the song and sees it as another potential hit for the Jamaican sing-jay. However, there are a few people who are expressing concern at some of the images displayed in the official video.

Because of the song’s lyrical content – which is all about him (Lutan Fyah) being with a bad girl – the director created visuals that showed women in a demeaning manner. This is according to persons in the Rasta community. If you have not yet seen the clip, click here or on the image above to check it out so that you can form your own opinion.

Capleton Is Still Up & Running (@capletonmusic)

A lot has changed in the music industry as a result of the corona virus pandemic. Most performers are unable to accept bookings because of the very real possibility of cancellation and the uncertainty surrounding turnout.

While some artists have decided to sit out the pandemic, others have simply adopted to the new norm by amending their overall strategy. One such artist is dancehall deejay Capleton. Though he is not doing nearly as much shows as he was before covid-19, King Shango remains very active in the business by consistently sharing new content.

His latest is an inspirational record titled Rise & Shine (done for Sponge Music). It was published on January 21st along with its official video. Click here or on the image above to check it out and remember to like, comment and share.

New Dancehall Video From Karamanti “Start With A Prayer”

Dancehall artist Karamanti and the team at Blakkwuman22 Music have just uploaded the official video for Start With A Prayer. The song is the lead single on Karamanti‘s just released Spiritual Warfare album, published in December.

All the scenes for the video were captured at Anchor Recording Studios in Kingston, Jamaica by fellow dancehall artist Mackamilli aka Macka Head (from the Innocent Crew); while the complete editing were done in house by Maria Jackson Entertainment. 

As it relates to the actual song; the rhythm for Start With A Prayer was created by Old Harbour based producer Lamar Thompson, who is the CEO and owner of AudioTraxx Productions. Karamanti‘s own Blakkwuman22 Music is the executive producer, publisher and independent distributor of the entire project.

In addition to being the first song on the Spiritual Warfare album, Start With A Prayer is also one of four songs featured on the Restart Riddim; a dancehall compilation that also has music from Peppery, I-Talawah and Sherida Sharpe.


Ragga Lox Shares Lead Single From Upcoming Album (@Raggaloxx)

In the Spring of 2022 reggae-dancehall artist Ragga Lox will be releasing a new studio album – not yet titled. As such, he has kicked off the year by sharing the lead single from the project: an upbeat dancehall tune titled Spliff & Beer.

The track, which is all about enjoying and valuing life, was officially released on January 18 and is now available for download on all digital streaming platforms. 

Recorded at the Field of Dreams Studio in Mount Vernon, Spliff & Beer was produced by Nemessz at SoSeriuz Production; mixed by Steadley Meddz Reid and mastered by Chris Scott at Castek Systems Solution in Queens, New York. Executive producer is Rohan “Ragga Lox” Robinson.

According to Lox“This song was inspired by the times we are living in. After loosing some close family members and friends, I wanted to give a sense of appreciation for life. Knowing we don’t have much control over what’s going on, however life continues and we should make the best of it the best way we know how.”


Pandemic Records Shares Visuals For Fantan Mojah / Munga Collaboration

The official video for Nobody Don’t Know When – a collaboration done by Munga Honorable and Fantan Mojah – is now available on YouTube. It was uploaded by Pandemic Records Entertainment, the imprint that is behind the production.

Nobody Don’t Know When is on the Logic Riddim, which was released at the end of October. The compilation also has music by Sizzla Kalonji, Little Hero, Mr. Easy and several others. Click here or on the image above to watch the video and remember to like, comment and share.

Fiyaneer Tackles One Of Jamaica’s Most Pressing Issues In New Video (@ReggaeVibesMus1)  

Currently in the small Caribbean island of Jamaica the biggest problem is not covid-19 or corruption; It is crime and violence. Specifically, murder. The numbers are so high that everyone from all sectors of society have been weighing in, albeit in despair.

In the music industry it is split two ways: there are the artists that are actively singing about, and hence promoting the murder culture; while on the other side there are those who abhor these types of songs and what they endorse. 

The team at Reggae Vibes Music fall in the latter category. After seeing what is happening in the nation, and taking into consideration that the record is doing very well, they have partnered with roots artist Fiyaneer to release his official video for We Bawl. 

The song is featured on the label’s latest release: Rock All Riddim; and it has a very timely message that all gang members and misdirected youths need to hear. Importantly, it also addresses artists “that love talk bout crocodile teeth.”

Scenes for this video were shot by Phoenix Studioz Ja in both downtown Kingston and Rock Hall, St Andrew (Jamaica); while the editing was done by Lone Wolf Filmz.

“I want the people to use this song as a weapon because the crime rate, not just in Jamaica but all over the world and especially among our people, the gun, violence, crime is affecting us. Every age and every stage of our lives this crime a affect we. So yu see this song name We Bawl, is a anti-crime song. This is a voice for you. If they can’t hear you, you can use this Fiyaneer song as a voice to get your message across also.” The preceding is a statement made by Fiyaneer regarding We Bawl.