The fourth annual Caribbean Healthy Families and Fathers Conference 2016 will be held in Kingston on June 21st and 22nd

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Fathers & Families Coalition of America, a United States-based nonprofit organization is preparing for its fourth annual Caribbean Healthy Families and Fathers Conference 2016 in Kingston. The two-day event will be held on June 21st and 22nd.

The motive of this conference is to reemphasize the purpose of ‘Fatherhood’ and improve the relationship fathers have with their children. This being due to the absence of the traditional family unit that not many children are able to experience within the Caribbean. This event will deliver empowering and uplifting programs that can teach persons how to successfully execute their role as not only a father but as a role model. These are factors that will help with a child’s self-esteem and also give them a sense of purpose and belonging.

Jamaica holds generations and generations of absent fathers; which unfortunately has formed a stigma of being acceptable. This crucial dilemma is extremely overlooked and this conference will be able to make a difference. The growing trend throughout all the Caribbean of homes with children under 18 raised by mothers alone is a contributor of poverty, increased juvenile incarceration (and adults in prison), children in orphanages and child welfare-systems, low educational and vocational attainment of young adults (18-26), increased teen pregnancy and reduced long-term financial positive growth for Jamaica and other Caribbean sister nations. Dr. Roger Ball, Fordham University (native of Jamaica), Mr. Sheldon Smith, Loma Linda University (native of Jamaica), Professor Edwin Gonzalez Santin, Arizona State University (native of Puerto Rico) and other Caribbean rooted presenters as well as from the United States will provide training for parents and professionals over the 2-days…”This conference will help us bring services to children who have voids in their lives due to the absence of fathers,” said Dr. James C. Rodriguez. The President and CEO of the Fathers & Families Coalition of America and supporter of the Jamaica Affiliate points out that the gift of fatherhood is not often used to its full potential for children, families, and communities. Proceeds that will be collected from the Fathers & Families Coalition of America conference will go to benefit a local orphanage within Kingston and help to improve their conditions.

The prolific event will involve numerous workshops directed towards the development of the strong relationship that connects a father to their family. The topic of men being very quick to be fathers but not taking the roll as seriously is not heavily discussed here in Jamaica and has quite frankly continued to be the norm. This is an event that is very needed within this country and is a perfect opportunity for Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean to truly tap into all of what makes a father the key to a child’s development. Highlighting the attributes of being a provider, protector and supporter. The conference will be held at the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) at 17 Worthington Terrace, Kingston 5, Jamaica.

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Online registration is currently available by logging onto All Jamaicans and residents of Caribbean nations can attend at 75% off the regular attendee fee… Promotional Code is Jamaica2016. Contact the organizers today for free entrance opportunities as this is an event based on intention, foundation, change and hope for the future of children and families! Interview opportunities with Dr. James C. Rodriguez, president and CEO of Fathers & Families Coalition of America, are limited.

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