Blakkwuman22 Music Releases “Just Believe Riddim”

JUST BELIEVE FINALBlakkwuman22 Music, the label that is rapidly becoming known for producing strictly conscious Reggae and Dancehall projects, did it again. Last week they released the “Just Believe Riddim” a compilation that was done in partnership with ODB Studios.

Much like their previous project, Life 101, the Just Believe Riddim is a collection of hardcore, groovy and clean dancehall tracks. All songs are fit for airplay and contain a lot of positive and uplifting messages.

The project features label owner Karamanti; Peppery, who is also signed to Blakkwuman22 Music, as well as Kemikal and Millitant. Each artist delivered in their song. The feedback from selectors worldwide has all been overwhelmingly positive. Persons may listen to, and download all songs here:

For more information about Blakkwuman22 Music visit their website at

A declaration of fear, sacrifice of praise & call to action “@Karamanti Gye Nyame”


The greatness of any nation lies in a collection of contributions from its people. Out of the reality speaker comes another highly inspiring tune, a song of motivation for the black nation calling for national action without denying divine intervention.

Of African decent, ‘Gye Nyame’ is an Akan phrase that means ‘only God’. It is a symbol of authority and an assertion of Black people’s believe in the Almighty. Having discovered her Kromantse lineage, the truth seeker has not strayed from her West African, Ghana heritage. To this end is this song Karamanti calls “Gye Nyame”.

More of a reality than a fantasy artiste, Karamanti has and continue to show dexterity in display of her creativity. In this song Karamanti displays courage in a declaration of her only fear, her sacrifice of praise and encourages the youth to bring forth their contributions in building a great African nation, irrespective of location.

Produced by, for Righteous Youths Records (Jamaica/UK), vocals written and performed by Karamanti, recorded at Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston Jamaica by engineer Snysh and herein attached »
hear “Gye Nyame” 

STORY BY: Adokwei Addo