Reggae Artist Chronixx to Debut in Japan (@ChronixxMusic)

00_Chronixx_004+1The fireworks for Mighty Crown’s 25th Anniversary have officially erupted, as the renowned International sound has tapped mega Reggae artist Chronixx to join the celebration with two epic concerts in Japan later this month! Slated for Osaka and Kawasaki, Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption band will appear alongside Mighty Crown and Japanese Dancehall group Fire Ball. This is more than just a Mighty Crown milestone, as it marks the “Capture Land” singer’s spectacular Japan debut. From the looks of things, Mighty Crown and Chronixx’s impressive Japanese following couldn’t be more thrilled.

As one of the forerunners of Jamaica’s acclaimed “Reggae Revival,” Chronixx has been making extensive strides since his groundbreaking 2012 breakthrough. With a string of hits like “Smile Jamaica,” “They Don’t Know,” “Behind Curtain,” “Aint No Giving In” and many more blazing the trail, Chronixx is quickly solidifying his position as a bonafide Reggae star. Major appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and a Central Park concert catapulted the singer’s “Dread & Terrible” EP to the top 10 of the Billboard Top Reggae Album Chart, where it remained for nearly 1 year.

Chronixx’s “Dread and Terrible” tour has landed him, along with the Zinc Fence Redemption band, in places across the Globe. And now, the singer can add the massive Reggae music market of Japan to his growing list of credentials. Making a debut in Japan for Mighty Crown’s 25th Anniversary is an awesome way to show the valuable connection between Reggae artists and sound systems.

‘Money Pull Up’ Tour with Mighty Crown and Fire Links (@MightyCrownInfo @IrishandChin)


When it comes to sound system entertainment, there is no question that Irish and Chin has carved a well-respected niche. Their unique concepts offer Dancehall fans an unprecedented level of entertainment. Adding to their growing list of successes is the “Money Pull Up” Tour, which featured the high-powered talents of sound giants Mighty Crown and Fire Links. These distinctly different sounds absolutely nailed their performances in Boston, Rochester, Bronx and Hartford over the 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday, thrilling the masses.#MIGHTYCROWN #MONEYPULLUP #FIRELINKS #IRISHANDCHIN

What made “Money Pull Up” such a winner was the perfect combination of Mighty Crown and Fire Links unique styles. Fire Links mastered “bashment” style juggling, while appealing to the ladies with his witty chat on mic. The women adored the mix up. Meanwhile, Mighty Crown leaned heavily on a “dance” style of juggling and hit it big with the males because of their crafty, powerhouse dub plates.

The “Money Pull Up” Tour also sparked incredible vibes and unyielding excitement among fans because of the well-known rivalry and tension between the two sounds. Never friends, Mighty Crown and Fire Links put differences aside to provide fans with Dancehall in its finest variation. Prior to “Money Pull Up,” Mighty Crown and Fire Links had only played together one time. It was inevitable for the competitive spirit to take at times. Each night, things came close to getting out of control.

During the tour, “The Far East Rulers” and the hype selector Fire Links tailored their performances to the respective audiences. No two performances were alike. Some night’s hardcore juggling took precedence because that’s what the crowd craved, while other nights were straight bashments, as patrons were ready to party. All of the nights were good, but quite frankly the finale in Hartford put the icing on the cake! The at-capacity venue and amped Hartford crowd helped end the “Money Pull Up” Tour with a blast. No stone was left unturned, as Mighty Crown and Fire Links nearly entered into an all-out war. Once Mighty Crown dropped a heavy Freddy McGregor, followed by Links dropping a Capleton, the crowd went mad, erupting into a frenzy of “forwards.”

As the Hartford performance came to a close, the energetic Fire Links declared, “Tour haffi continue! Mighty Crown get weh…. I was just about to kill dem when di light dem turn on in di club.” Mighty Crown quipped, “Fire Links nuh easy….him throw some cheap shot pon Crown, so mi just deal with him wicked…a fun ting still. Next tour must sell-off.”

The success of the 2014 “Money Pull Up” Tour has certainly sparked the interest of promoters and Dancehall fans throughout the country. One shouldn’t be surprised if another leg of the tour gets added in 2015.