New Reggae Video: Tarrus Riley – Just The Way You Are (@tarrusrileyja)

Tarrus Riley

Singy Singy, Tarrus Riley just shared his brand new video for the track “Just The Way You Are,” produced by DJ Frass Records and distributed by Zojak World Wide. Click here or on the image above to watch. 

Kappo Shoots Video For Sensimillia In Westmorland, Jamaica (@kappomuzic)

00-Kappo video shootReggae recording artist, Kappo, spent the last two weeks in Westmorland, Jamaica, shooting the official video for his much talked about track, ‘sensimillia.’ The video was directed by Richard Brown and his production team and the entire shoot took a total of four days.

They started out on day one at a place called Goodhope, overlooking Negril and the Caribbean Sea. On day two, they began shooting in Whitehall and finished up in downtown, Savanna-la-Mar. To show consistency with the words of the song, they visited several farms in Darleston on day three and closed off the shoot doing a club scene just outside Little London on day four.

If you have not heard ‘sensimillia” as yet, listen to it here:

New Reggae Release: Nesbeth – Doing Me (@NesbethReggae @madness1616)

nesbethThe recently released Wet Wax Riddim from Digital Vibez/Prizzmatic, features new music from Nesbeth, who is currently one of Jamaica’s rising stars. His song on the compilation is entitled “doing me” and as with his previous releases, this song shows his strength as a remarkable lyricist.

In the song Nesbeth says:
“A nuh just now so we stay from birth,
October the second so we balance inna earth,
we nuh weak we nuh chase every black woman skirt,
music fi life but a nuh every concert
we perform inna check the formula,
we nuh come ya fi loose we born winna,
tsunami storm inna ya cant keep we calm inna,
eat good food mek we stamina.”

Listen here:

Which of the following is the best ganja song? (@kappomuzic @Mr_Williamz @RealHiawondah @ANDIITES @MikeyGeneral7)

00-baddest weed song

Over the weekend, the team at MJE/MJ Magazine got in a heated debate about which of the following herb track is the best. The argument got very heated as everyone on the team, some ganja smokers, some not, presented their points to support their choice. Seeing as though we were not able to select a winner, we decided to create a poll and put it to you the people.

Andi-ites & Hiawondah – Herb & Tea

Kappo – Sensimillia

Mikey General & Mr. Williams – Ganja Morning

An Introduction to D.O.V.E. Muzik Family (@NegoHights @ras_idre @PrincessKazayah @RasArcane @wadadahii)

Dove Muzik FamilyD.O.V.E. Muzik [Development of Vital Energies Muzik] is a Chicago Reggae Recording Label, Studio & the name of our Live Band. D.O.V.E. Muzik was founded by Tzaddi Wadadah-I circa 1983. Presently D.O.V.E. Muzik is led by Tzaddi Wadadah-II on it’s musical mission to create VITAL ENERGY in music for the edification of people all over the earth in need of vital energy. D.O.V.E. Muzik features vocal recording artists such as Nego Hights, Princess KazaYah, Ras I-dre, Ras Arcane, Tzaddi Wadadah-I, Wadadah-II. Our featured musicians are Ras Rahpre, Ras Shango, Ras Mandingo and I X who have played together for over 25 years.

First of our vocal artists we have Princess KazaYah with the voice of an angel mesmerizing us with soothing sounds & harmonies causing automatic “feel good” vibrations and thought provoking meditations. Her music is one of a kind and is a blend of RnB, Gospel, Roots-Reggae, Lovers Rock & Dub.

Next is Ras I-dre singing with vigorous flow and sweet melodies bringing an array of dynamic lyrics to our ears and not to mention good vibes to make you move through his music. With Ras I-Dre’s deep history in the dance halls of Kingston Jamaica his music is heavily influenced by Dancehall-Reggae and Roots-Reggae genres.

Ras Arcane on the other hand is a breath of fresh air with his fusion of Hip Hop, EDM & Reggae styles leaving you in awe and wanting more. Ras Arcane’s lyrical flows will have you listening very keenly to his voice. His delivery is impeccable.

Nego Hights “the Warrior” chanting with high energy and truth on his tongue and as his mission to remind all of us of the upright living [livity] required of us for the benefit of all human kind. His messages are potent with information that brings awareness to all our surroundings. Not to mention his fiery warrior style blended with the Reggae & Dancehall genres.

Tzaddi Wadadah-I aka “Fatha T” the elder and original founder of D.O.V.E. Muzik brings forth the true vibes of the original reggae from the foundation, the King’s music, which is missing today in many aspects. Fatha T has been very active in reggae music since the late 1970’s. Being one who has hosted shows with the likes  Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and more is a veteran of Reggae music and a Chicago Reggae icon. He is helping to mold a future for the upcoming youths of D.O.V.E Muzik’s label and is manager of the band.

Finally Wadadah II as the leader, dub organizer, as well as DJ and engineer/producer of D.O.V.E. Muzik’s label, he draws his inspiration from the Almighty Jah to empower and word his singing. Wadadah-II adds a very spiritual element to the group on a whole through the music. Roots Reggae & Dub Reggae as well as Nyahbinghi chanting is what Wadadah-II manifests.

Of the musicians, on saxophone is Ras Rahpre. He has fused reggae with indigenous Ethiopian music, Jazz and other genres which brings a sweet sound of elegance & grace to the music. His creativity and experience allows him to generate glorious vibrations from his sax edifying your being in ways unimaginable.

Ras Shango on the keyboards and percussion. Just as he is named “Shango” so he is. Shango the ancient African principle of storms. You find Shango whether on keys or on percussion flashing lightning and clapping thunder, brightening every step of the music in rhythm with our souls.

Ras Mandingo plays the drums. Playing the drums since the early 80’s Mandingo is skilled to a perfection when striking his drums. He has played many styles of drumming such as Reggae, Cumina, Nyahbinghi, Ethiopian music, Congolese music, Latin, Middle Eastern & more. With his diverse exposure his drumming becomes very versatile. Him being the foundation of the music has a great ability in keeping all of our members together with his rhythm.

And from the planet Sirius we have I X. Having been playing the bass guitar for decades and playing various styles of bass, he has a very profound way of fusing his creative energy with the bass’ life force. In reggae music the bass is a fundamental and corner stone piece to the whole equation of the sound. I X will move your body and rock your soul while sending you on a bass trip to outer space and it is a guaruntee that you will be lifted.

This combination of vocal artists & musicians forms a dynamic blend of flavors with a strict order of Roots and Culture added into the equation to feed you who listens with vital musical vibrations & energies needed throughout everyday life. We call it, “the musical healing.” The music will not only make you dance and move to the groove but also edify your mind. We are sure you will leave feeling satisfied and most of all edified.

The first song published by D.O.V.E. Muzik’s record label was “Sentimental Girl” written by the True Democracy reggae band circa 1986. D.O.V.E. Muzik has now in the 21st century published locally & globally music for Nego Hights, Princess Kazayah, Ras I-Dre, Ras Arcane, Brando, Antonio Reid, Ganja Baby Productions, Tzaddi Wadadah I & more. With more works always on the horizon be prepared for D.O.V.E. Muzik’s vital energy to come and scoop you up on a vibes train with the music so necessarily needed in this day & time, also for the on coming generations.

Download EPK:

Nikki Z Brings Her Popular “Nikki Z’s Hot 20” Countdown Show To Television (@DivaNikkiZ)

00-Nikki ZHaving gained worldwide recognition for both blazing the airwaves and hosting of some of the world’s biggest stage shows, multi-media personality Diva Nikki Z is breathing new life in her popular “Nikki Z’s Hot 20” countdown show by bringing it to television.

Nikki Z’s Hot 20 will debut mid April on Jamaican TV every Thursday Nights on RETV at 9pm and can be watched worldwide on 1spot Media

The cutting edge countdown program will use the power of social media to engage fans of Caribbean music and culture. Hosted by the Queen of Caribbean media, the “Diva Nikki Z”, Hot 20 will build loyal viewers through constant interaction. Each week Nikki Z will countdown her top 20 music picks, leaving the last week of the month open for a random ‘pick of the week’. This ‘pick of the week’ will replace the ‘Music Countdown” and instead Nikki Z will countdown a randomly picked subject (i.e top 20 stage show moments, top 20 artists, top 20 stories of the month, year, top 20 selectors). The viewing audience will aid in selecting these charts by submitting their votes to the shows facebook page as well as via textline. In addition to having their votes heard for the “HOT” 20, viewers can get interactive by submitting a 30 sec video bigging up the show as well as requesting a video of their choice. By allowing the viewer to see themselves on television Nikki Z’s Hot 20 encourages viewers to continually watch as well as encourage their friends and family to watch to seize the moment.