Reggae Artist Rufftop Rock I Releases First EP “The World Needs Love” (@ReggaeVibesMus1)

Rastafarian reggae artist Rufftop Rock I, who hails from both the Roses Hill, St. Andrew and Allman Hill, St. Catherine communities in Jamaica, has just released his first EP. It’s a four-track extended play project titled The World Needs Love, and it comes to us courtesy of Reggae Vibes Music.

With the exception of Life Is What You Make It, track number three, all the other songs have been featured on previously released rhythm-driven projects. The World Needs Love (track #1) is on the Reggae Star RiddimIn These Times (track #2) is on the World Rebirth Riddim and Unity (track #4) is on the Reggae Love & Unity Riddim

All the aforementioned compilations were released by Reggae Vibes Music, the imprint that is now representing Rufftop Rock I. The team initially wanted to put out a full album with approximately ten tracks, but they instead opted for an EP as they felt it was a better way to introduce Rufftop to the masses.

As for his part, Rufftop Rock I was the one who decided to call the EP The World Needs Love, because based on all that is happening right now he genuinely believes that to be the case. When asked what he would like people to take away from this project he said the following: “compete with no one but yourself, try to be a better version of yourself everyday, and know that everything you see around you is an idea that came from us so just be your best self everyday.”


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