Tradition Man Wolo Is “Back Again” With A New Video! (@man_wolo)

The Ghanaian reggae artist that is now being called the Reggae Man after releasing an album with the same name, has just shared the official video for his single, Back Again. The song is featured on the aforementioned LP (track #2).

The visuals were captured in the United States, which is where Wolo is based. It was shot by OTFILMS and edited in Jamaica by Maria Jackson. It extensively highlights past racial atrocities, as it challenges the viewer to think about how the same things are happening today, just camouflaged and implemented differently.

Back Again was produced and mixed by Bobby Roy in Stockholm, Sweden. That said, Tradition Man‘s vocals were recorded at Undercaste Studios in Shoreline, Washington; while the mastering was done by Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox Studios, in Washington DC.


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