Richie Stephens Has Another Hit On His Hands “Born Blessed”

Richie Stephens has just shared another single from the new album Reverse the Curse, which was released at the end of August (26). The song is titled Born Blessed and it features super producer and vocalist Goodboy Elliot, who hails from The Gambia, and fast-rising U.S.A based Jamaican artist Mario Cheef, who is also a producer.

Together the three men, along with BoomRich Productions,Essential Musik and Pot of Gold Production – the imprints responsible for the creation of the song – are making waves across continents. The way in which people are gravitating to this new single is truly mind blowing; and with the official video now out, it is anticipated that it will expand to an even wider audience.

That said, Born Blessed – the inspirational afrobeat tune – is on track to join other successful songs from the album: Valley (the lead single released in January) and Reverse the Curse (the title track released in June). The video for Valley currently has approximately 1.2 million views on YouTube; while Reverse the Curse – the song – has over 2 million. This latest video, Born Blessed, which was uploaded only a few days ago is already sitting at over 200 thousand views.

Richie Stephens‘ fourteen-track album Reverse the Curse is available on all music platforms. If you have not done so as yet, stream it, download it NOW!


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