Tradition Man Wolo Wraps Up 2022 On A High Note (@man_wolo)

This year has been an interesting one for Ghanaian reggae artist Tradition Man Wolo. He went from obscurity within the reggae industry to being known and highly respected by key players in under twelve months. After playing gigs in and around Accra (Ghana) with his now defunct reggae band, Club Tradition, many years earlier, Tradition Man Wolo finally released his debut album on February 2nd, 2022.

The LP, aptly titled Reggae Man, features nine authentic reggae tracks that were produced and mixed by Bobby Roy at Roy’s Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox Studios in Washington DC. Tradition Man says his music is made with love and describes it as “affectionate, honest and approachable, even with difficult subjects.” Each song on the album confirms the aforementioned statement.

So far he has shared two official videos from the project: Back Again (track #2) and Come Home (track #1). The video for Back Again, which came out in April, was shot in the United States by OTFILMS and edited in Jamaica by Maria Jackson 27. While the latest clip, Come Home, released a few weeks ago – on December 5th – was shot in Ghana by Director Tee.  

Tradition Man Wolo is closing off 2022 on a high note! His album is doing good on all streaming platforms, and his video for Come Home has made it to the top 5 on YouTube’s Music Chart in Ghana.


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