Trinni Connects With Fans At Meet & Greet In Trelawny

Earlier this evening (Sunday, February 26th), newcomer Trinni did a meet and greet at Paul Patmore Memorial Gardens – on the roof – in Lowe River, Trelawny (Jamaica). The event’s objective was to officially introduce both Trinni and her music to the public, as she embarks on her career as a recording artist with the support of Paul Patmore and his production team.

Last year the two brands (Trinni and Paul Patmore) formed an alliance which resulted in the release of two now trending singles: Stay Solid and CashStay Solid came out in October, while Cash, her latest, was shared only a few weeks ago, on January 20th. The songs have been getting a lot of support, consequently, Trinni‘s confidence, as well as her skills as a singer-songwriter are on full display.

The aforementioned tracks were performed live at the meet and greet, which was free to the public.


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