Trensettahs Sound Highlights Sizzla & Yatta Ken’s “Glory Is Coming”

Trensettahs – a collective of musicians, selectors, visual artists, thinkers, business professionals, and tech pioneers – are working assiduously on the Pilgrimage Festival. This unique event started as a Rasta alliance back in 2015, and has since matured into an organized repatriation movement targeting Africans in the diaspora. Its objective is to aid in the journey of Africans from the west back to the east.

Trensettahs have created a soundtrack – called Black Sounds of Freedom – to support the mission. One of the lead singles from the project is Glory Is Coming, a roots tune performed by Sizzla Kalonji and Yatta Ken. The audio, which went live on streaming platforms in September, 2022, was preceded by the official video.

The visuals were captured by Reggae Tropics, and is a celebration of authentic African culture and lifestyle. It perfectly illustrates the song’s lyrical content, which is an advance commemoration of the return to the mother land.


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